Friday, August 29, 2014


Sierra Matschullat
Eng7 Period 3

Bedroom Writing

Here is my room… As I lay on my Tempur-Pedic bed in my room, I feel how comfortable it is. It has a colorful, bright, comfy, zig-zag, bedspread on it, too. When I look at the walls I see the zebra, peace sign, wall decals that are stuck on the wall firmly. Just then I quickly sit up because I hear my beta fish, Bolt, he is gulping air from the top of his tank. He is a dark blue color in his body with magenta highlights on the ends of his attractive fins. Bolt’s tank is sitting on a white nightstand that my Grandpa Bob made for me when I was three. Next to my fish tank is my Border Collie’s bed. It is a big cushion, basically. Just then my Border Collie, Shadow, bounds into my room half howling, half yapping. I turn my attention to my cherry-brown colored desk, I see my whirring fan, that I forgot to turn off this morning. I also see my computer that is plugged in and beeping slowly, covered with incomplete papers. I then move on to my closet, three colorful craft boxes are stacked on each other, each containing something else to use to make lovely crafts. There is also an American Doll laying sideways next to the craft boxes. Next to my American Doll is my stuffed animals, I have one big, blue, Build-a-Bear, autism bear, for my cousin Kaedyn who has autism. I also have a small, stuffed pony that my Dad bought for me in North Platte when I was little, and a small, red and white, stuffed bulldog.

When I look beside me I see my nightstand, it contains most of my chargers and headphones in the bottom drawer, stray pictures in the second drawer, and in the first, all my knick-knacks, a flashlight, and a book to read before bed. As I look on the top of my nightstand I see my Ihome alarm that my iPod is currently plugged in to, and the newest addition to my room, my iPhone, is currently plugged into the outlet behind my bed. My T.V. also sits on the top of my nightstand, taped to it are pictures of my Dad smiling at the camera, tagging a baldie calf. When I look to the other side of my bed, I see my CD player sitting there, it hasn’t been used in about six months since I got my Ihome alarm, I silently feel guilty about not using it very much. Next to the CD player is my scentsy, it contains a grape scent as of right now. On the wall to my left, by the door, is my huge dresser that hold some of clothes the inside. On top it also holds all my breakable things, it also holds my lava lamp. It has water inside with small, plastic fish. The fish seem to swim when you turn it on because the bubbles, that are generated from the bottom, are causing the plastic fish to go upwards.

I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014

My Six Word Story

    Be you,
           because you're already perfect.