Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Name Poem


It means funny, pretty, smart
It is the number forty-five
It is like the color of my poetry folder
It is Thanksgiving dinner at my Dads with the family
It is the memory of Kris, my Dad
Who taught me honesty and faith
When he took me to church
My name is Sierra
It means truth, honesty, faith, and hope.

By: Sierra

Acrostic Poem


Friends forever Ready to adventure Important to me Everlasting friendship Never fighting Daring each other

By: Sierra

Monday, November 24, 2014

BlindSight Trust

                                         By: Sierra

“Trust is like paper, once it gets crumpled it can never be perfect again - Anonymous” I believe in that quote a lot. If someone tells your secret, would you tell them any more of your secrets? Trust isn’t just about secrets, you have to have trust to ballroom dance and play on a team, too. 

When I watched “BlindSight” all I thought about was how much trust those kids must’ve had to climb a mountain, blind. To me, Tashi was hesitant about trusting his sighted guide. He was kidnapped when he was younger, and since he was kidnapped, his trust in strangers was crumpled. 

I have to have trust in many different people in my life.  When I dance with my Dad, I have to trust him not only to lead the dance, but also to make sure we don’t run anybody over while dancing. I have to trust my teammates in volleyball. I have to trust my setters to set the ball to me, so that I can spike it. I even have to trust my animals. For instance, my horse, Duke. When I herd cows, I have to trust him not to spook or act up. The point is, you have trust in many different things.

Friday, November 14, 2014

American Freedom

                                    American Freedom
                                            By: Sierra 

Do you know the meaning of freedom? If not, lucky for you, I do. This essay will help you also, by telling you about The Declaration of Independence, personal connections, and choices. While you read about this think about your rights and how America has grown with freedom. 
The Declaration of Independence declared that all Americans had freedom in their life. The Founding Fathers gave most of their time to commit to the freedom act, known as The Declaration of Independence. We should honor those men who signed The Declaration of Independence, for our freedom, and debating with others over it. The Declaration of Independence also states that all Americans should have their own rights. For example; right to bear arms, freedom of speech… etc.
I think about freedom sincerely by thinking about how it affects myself. For example, my Great-Grandpa Dale was in the Armed Forces, and served in World War II. My Great-Grandpa came back to O’Neill after World War II was finished, and lived into his eighties, when he died. My Great-Grandpa would usually never talk about the war, but when he did it was usually in a hurt and angry way. Many veterans have seen many people die, and have seen the treacheries of war. We should honor all veterans for that, by saying, “Thank you for your service.”
My Great-Grandpa Dale died a few years back, after suffering from nightmares from war and had a couple seizures in his lifetime. When I see a veterans video I get all teary eyed, and everything about my Great-Grandpa comes flooding back instantly, not that I don’t think about him often. When you watch a patriot video, do you get teary eyed about a loved one? When I see anything related to freedom I think about Americans’ rights. For example, I can go shoot guns whenever I would like, speak my opinions. 
Choices are a big part of freedom. First, rights and choices are different. Rights are privileges, choices are when you decide between what is right and what is wrong. Say, you decide to do something wrong, your right to bear arms might be taken away for good. What if your freedom got stolen away from you? You wouldn’t be able to get all the different types of groceries, own your own guns, vote for president…. etc. Freedom is sacrifice, patriots, war, salutes, music, veterans, funerals, and nightmares. But, freedom is rewarding, so it is worth it all. 
Now do you know about the meaning of freedom? I hope so, because if we didn’t have freedom, America would be a completely different country. I hope you liked this essay about The Declaration of Independence, personal connections, and choices. Next time you see a veteran say these five genuine words, “Thank you for your service.”