Friday, December 12, 2014

Concrete Poem


                   By: Sierra


                 The car pulls
                  into the drive,
                   rocks crunch
                   softly, I smile,
                   I'm home, I 
                   step onto the
         old porch, fling open the creaky
    front door, and greet my family; Aunt 
Kassandra, Uncle Alex, my cousins, Dad, Keri,
Uncle Jason... The house radiates with joy and
happiness, I smell the glorious food in the oven,
my stomach rumbles, I take my cousins 
outside to play, they squeal happily, when
 I offer a four-wheeler ride, I screech to a 
stop by the barn, we feed the horse, and
 see Matt S. pull into the drive in his semi, 
we hear a sharp whistle, all heads snap up,
 and we bolt home.

Ode Poem - My Mother's Phone

Ode Poem - My Mother's Phone
           By: Sierra

It follows her everywhere,
Like a faithful dog,
Never acting up,

But one day Mom's phone stopped,
And she was bored and sad,
So we went to the phone shop,
And she got a new pet,
It was bigger, better,
And NEVER broke,
My Mom's shadow, literally,
A Samsung.

Inspired By: My Mother

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Old Dead Tree

                   Old Dead Tree
                  By: Sierra

I am blowing in the wind,
Withered, bare, dead,
I lead the tribe,
Of young trees,
When the time comes,
I sprout muscular legs,
And lead the tribe, again.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Nebraska Dancing

I get pulled to the dance floor,
As "American Kids" plays,
My dad twirls me,
We dance,
In rhythm with the song...

We dance through life,
Twirling under the starry Nebraska sky,
Watching out for small Huskers, who,
Are trying to dance like us...

My heart is still excited,
But it slowly stops,
When an old man,
Comes up to me,
"That was some beautiful dancing, young lady."

As the country music plays,
So gracefully, Nebraskans dance.

         By: Sierra

Friday, December 5, 2014

Free Verse Poem

           December Fourth's Fire
           Inspired by a real story
                  By: Sierra

The bell rang out,
The radio went off,
The dispatcher calls,
"Semi... fire... hay bales... spreading",
Firefighters shove on their uniforms,
Hop into the fire truck,
Switch on the bright lights,
And sirens,
And rush to the spreading fire.

Rhyming Poem

                    By: Sierra

As I looked at the pearly white moon,
I whistled a soft tune,
The fire crackled,
And I was viciously tackled,
No one heard my scream,
When I woke up from the dream.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Extended Metaphor

               By: Sierra

War is a pair of deadly jaws,
we try to destroy them,
but our enemies are stronger,
they have strong jaws,
and mountains of piercing teeth,
they trap us in their clenched jaws,
and we,

Found Poem - Inspiration from President George W. Bush's 9/11 Speech

                                          America's Terrorists
                                                By: Sierra

Chaos, structures collapsing,
disbelief, terrible sadness,
quiet, unyielding anger,
we will not be hurt, 
we will defend our freedom,
America fears no evil,
we ARE the brightest beacon.


                               By: Sierra

The thunder roars its entrance,
billowing into the sky viciously,
the first lightening strikes,
too close for comfort,
I rush to my dark room,
thunder booms and lightening cracks,
the rain thunders against my window,
I shiver in my room,
watching cautiously,
and I see the barn,
go up in flames.