Friday, December 12, 2014

Concrete Poem


                   By: Sierra


                 The car pulls
                  into the drive,
                   rocks crunch
                   softly, I smile,
                   I'm home, I 
                   step onto the
         old porch, fling open the creaky
    front door, and greet my family; Aunt 
Kassandra, Uncle Alex, my cousins, Dad, Keri,
Uncle Jason... The house radiates with joy and
happiness, I smell the glorious food in the oven,
my stomach rumbles, I take my cousins 
outside to play, they squeal happily, when
 I offer a four-wheeler ride, I screech to a 
stop by the barn, we feed the horse, and
 see Matt S. pull into the drive in his semi, 
we hear a sharp whistle, all heads snap up,
 and we bolt home.

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