Friday, February 20, 2015

College Essay

                                                College Essay
                   By: Sierra Matschullat

When you walk into a room, do you always get “the question”? I do. “Are you going to college?” questions family and friends. I sigh, answering the question for the 50th time, “Yes, I will go to University of Nebraska for my Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine, and then go to Colorado State University for my Master’s degree.” My family approves of this job, and plan, but some people do not approve of their loved one’s plan. I advise you take the path that you want, not the path your family wants. 

Now, my family is pretty strict about getting good grades and a good education, so, of course, they interrogated me some more. I sighed and went into more details, “ I’m planning on going to  University of Nebraska and getting a Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine. I am also planning on participating in Nebraska Ladies’ Volleyball, too.” My aunt tilts her head disapprovingly, “Just a Bachelor’s degree?” Rolling my eyes, I tell her, “ Then, afterwards I will transfer to a different college, probably Colorado State University, and get my Master’s degree in veterinary medicine. Then, hopefully, I will be able to come back to Nebraska and have my own private veterinary business.” By this time family and friends have gathered around me, nodding their heads in approval. 

Now, everyone has diminished, finally prying my life story out of me. I gasp, Grandmother is heading over here, I try to scurry to the other side of the room and hide in the crowd of family, but she grabs onto my arm quick like. I turn around innocently, “Yes, Grandma?” She smiles that smile that means we are going to be talking for a LONG time, “I heard what you were going to do when you grew up… why?” I sighed, Grandma thought about everything way to hard, maybe that’s where I got it from… Anyways, I answered her question, “Well, that’s simple Grandma, I could get a good job.” She thought about that for a moment before quizzing me yet again, “ There has to be something else, though?” I thought about it a bit and replied, “Well, I would obviously know more about my job, and that would help, plus I would have a better reputation and attract more customers since I had a Master’s degree.” She grinned at me approvingly, I had just aced the quiz she had thrown at me. My Grandpa waltzed up to me, as my Grandma shuffled away. “You want to know why I think YOU should go to college? I think I have some better reasons,” he egged me on mischievously. “I have three important reasons of why I think people should go to college; 1.) To make people smarter, so that humanity can invent new things to make life easier, 2.) To let people get good jobs, which will boost the economy, and 3.) People can network with others, which will help them out in the end,” he explained. I gave him a confused look. “Well, if you were a doctor, and you needed a lawyer because you were being sued, “ he explained, “… you could just call up your old buddy from college, who’s now a lawyer.”

My cousins were then surrounding me, hearing that I was going to become an “animal doctor”. “Why do you want to become an animal doctor, Sierra?” Autumn asked. I explained, “Well, so that I can help animals, of course! I also love helping animals, and people, with their problems.” My cousins were obviously stumped.  Look at it this way, if I help your dog, I will be helping you with your problem; your sick dog. The cousins slowly wandered away, thinking about what I had said.

Finally, no one interrogating me about what I will do when I grow up. I wandered downstairs slowly, and into my bedroom. I sat and thought for a little while about what I had just been through. Actually, tonight had helped me figure out where I was going in life. I thought some more; I was acing all classes with A’s, and wasn’t refusing to go to college, like most people, so I must be on the right track. Remember, pick a path that suits you, not your family.

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