Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure ~ Author's Note

                                                 Author's Note
                                       By: Sierra M.

                 When I was told about this assignment I was excited; I loved writing stories. But, what I didn't know that it wasn't just going to be a written essay, but a interactive book when it was finished. Jackie G. and I decided to partner up and together we transformed a great story in a interactive book. The book is called Finding the Cave; it is about two young girls who got transferred into the future, they go through many obstacles trying to find a magical cave that will transport them to the present time. The story has been struggles and conflicts, from getting arrested several times to getting abducted by aliens; I hope many people will think this book is very interesting and exciting.

                         Now, the main question is; how did you make a interactive book on Keynote? During this project I learned many different, unique things about Keynote, which helped me create this book. First, we made a map on Inspiration 8, numbering them and writing what we would do in that slide. Next, we wrote out what words would be on each slide; based on what our map said. Then, we started copy and pasting the words onto our slides, adding pictures, adding buttons, and linking the buttons to different slides. Finally, we went to the document settings in Keynote, and changed the presentation type to 'Links Only'. I personally think that this project was a wonderful idea.

                         I think our project turned out really good. Instead of just slopping something onto a Keynote we went back and changed things to make it better. I think the story is very interesting and unique. What do you think?


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  1. Wow! What a well-written author's note! I hope you continue to share your awesome writing with me even after this year is over, Sierra!